Zorro, one owners cat.

Zorro, one owners cat.

Zorro the cat is a much-loved, affectionate and muscular little assassin!

Imagine, if you will, a 12-week-old ginger tomcat not quite still a kitten. Leaping everywhere, across his owners bed in one bound, floor to top of wardrobe in a single jump and landing on their  bed at four in the morning purring with pride and presenting an unfortunate  rodent.

What to call him? After much thought,  there was an interview with Antonio Banderas  He said in his wonderful Spanish accent that when he saw the script and the drawing of the Puss in Boots character, he decided to do the voice-over in the voice he had used when he played the part of Zorro. A Spanish “th” sound, rather than the hard English “zz”.

So Zorro was named. Now approaching middle age at five years old, he spends more time under the duvet than flying over it, but is a much-loved, affectionate and very strong and muscular little assassin.

Zorro lives across the village green from Spike, the little white schnauzer . Spike and Zorro have never met. Fortunately.

ZORRO LIKES Lying on his back sunning himself.

DISLIKES Vacuum cleaners and the dustmen.

HIS BEST MOMENT  placing a large mouse on his ownersr bed, completely unharmed, in the middle of the night.

Cats – dont ya just love ’em.

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