Yorkshire Wildlife Park Conservation and Welfare

yorkshire wildlife park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Conservation and Welfare

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park is built on an old riding school and farm, and has come along way since it opened in April 2009. A dynamic centre for conservation and welfare, the park has over 300 animals with over 60 different species.

Our History
Yorkshire Wildlife Park has come along way since John Minion (CEO) and Cheryl Williams (Director) came to Brockholes Farm in 2008. With a vision of being a dynamic centre for conservation and welfare, the YWP team worked throughout the winter of 2008/2009 to be officially opened by Cbeebies Mr Tumble in April 2009.

Every year the park has expanded and grown at a fast rate with visitor numbers climbing from 66,000 in the first year to an expected 682,000 for 2015. In 2009 the YWP team travelled to see a pride of Lions at the rundown Oradea Zoo, when YWP CEO John Minion saw the condition of the Lions, he knew that YWP had to help. On 30th August 2009, a rescue campaign was launched with the News of the World to raise £150,000 towards the creatures rescue. The team at YWP were overwhelmed by the number of donations, the letters and support from such a varied number of people. This really was the publics rescue. On the 12th February 2010, the special Jet2.com charter touched down at Robin Hood Airport. All the lions arrived safely, and made their big entrance in May 2010. The YWP lion rescue is regarded as the biggest ever European big cat rescue, and put us on the map.

Our Mission
To create a dynamic, interactive experience and regional centre of excellence for the conservation of biodiversity globally and locally that is sustainable both for the environment and the business. To promote a wider understanding of the natural world and inspire generations to support and protect the world around them.The Yorkshire Wildlife Park FoundationThe Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation was created by Cheryl Williams in 2013 to be a dynamic catalyst for inspiring people to support conservation and welfare.

Please have a day out and support them

Visit their website; https://yorkshirewildlifepark.com/

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