Woman given animal ban after killing pet duck.

Woman given animal ban after killing pet duck.

A woman has been banned from keeping animals for five years after she stood on a duck and killed it.

Charlene Winter, 34, of Littlehampton, West Sussex, was also had to pay £300 costs at Worthing Magistrates on Thursday (31 October, 2013) after previously being found guilty to causing suffering to the bird.

The police were called in September 2012 after Winter was found in her neighbours’ back garden standing on their female pet duck. She was also seen allowing her dog to chase and catch the bird in his mouth, and even holding the duck to allow her dog to bite it.

We were then contacted by the police and took the bird to a vet. A post mortem revealed the bird had died from a compressive trauma from being squashed.

Inspector Andrew Kirby said:

This poor duck died after being stood on.“It was an intentional and incredibly cruel thing to do. Winter showed no regard whatsoever for this duck and was seen standing on her in a deliberate way.  “It is not unacceptable to treat an animal in this way.”

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