Which Cat Litter Should You Choose For Your Pet

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Which Cat Litter Should You Choose For Your Pet

Choose the right cat litter for your pet and you. here are some helpful reviews.

NATURAL & CLEAN    This cat litter is a fully natural alternative to clay based cat litters and so is fully biodegradable.This product can absorb upto 300% of its own weight in liquid removes unpleasant smells and not just masks them. It does not contain man made scents or binding chemicals clays and silica.The actual texture is soil like so making it a more natural surface for your cat. The cat litter clumps when used and can be purchased via Amazon, at Tesco and other retailers or direct from     www.naturalandclean.com
SOPHISTICAT BEAUTICAT    This particulat cat litter is 100% recycled soft wood, 100% organic, fully biodegradable. One superb feature is its absorbancy and top odour control. It is lightweight to carry when purchasing. It is economical and hygenic and can be purchased in bags ranging from 5L to 30L. This particular brand is available from Sainsburys, so is readily available to most households or from specialized pet shops.
BIO-CATOLET   This cat litter is made from recycled newspapers and is fully disposable. It cosistency is of pellets that are shiny and smooth to the cats paws and is very absorbent. Economically it is very good and there are no dust clouds when it is being spread onto a litter tray or when being replaced. It is antibacterial treated is very light to carry out of the shops and compared with 20 other cat litters it came out on top in the OKO TEST which is an European consumer review publication.

Buy your cat litter and trays here   http://www.onestoppetshop.co.uk/net_pets_shop

For more reviews on several other cat litter products please click on the following link and we hope this helps to choose a cat litter to suit both your household and of course your pet cat, or cats!


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