Dog Bathing – Hints On How To Do It Correctly – Video Tips

Dog Bathing – Hints On How To Do It Correctly – Video Tips

Dog Bathing, some video tips

When dog  bathing, scrub his coat in the direction you want the hair to grow. Get your dog squeaky clean with the helpful advice of a professional groomer in this free video on how to bathe your dog.

Grooming your dog can be simple and pain-free when you use the right tools and techniques. Freshen up your dog’s look with the helpful tips outlined by a professional dog groomer in this free video.

How Often to Do Bathtime

How often you should bathe your dog will depend a lot on their breed and lifestyle. Dogs that like to spend time outdoors and have a habit of getting mucky while obviously need more frequent bathing than dogs that spend most of their time indoors and are not exposed to as much dirt, for example. This is only part of the picture though, as your dog’s coat can also play a big part in how often they will need bathing.

Long haired breeds will need more regular bathing than their short haired counterparts to stop their coat getting tangled and matted, and to stop their fur from retaining as much dirt. Dogs with coarser coats can get away with being bathed less often for the most part.

The main exception to this is light coloured coats, which will usually show up dirt more easily and will need more regular washing to stop them looking discoloured.

Generally speaking, most dogs can be bathed around once a month, assuming that they don’t get excessively dirty in between baths and that you’ve not been advised by your vet to bathe your dog more often than this.

Always use a mild shampoo that is specifically designed for dogs. The aim is obviously to make sure that your dog is nice and clean afterwards but at the same time, you don’t want to strip natural oils from their coat and skin or cause skin problems due to your choice of product.

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