Thornberry Animal Sanctuary Near Sheffield

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Thornberry Animal Sanctuary Near Sheffield

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary
There is always a lot of hard work to be done at an animal  sanctuary of our size so the people we rely on here include a team of trustees, staff members, volunteers and friends. Without all of these people we would not be able to survive as a sanctuary.

In an average week we have to exercise, feed, groom and spend time with our dogs and our horses, feed, play with and clean out our cats and small animals, deal with vet visits, adoptions, relinquishments from people no longer able to care for their animals, sort through donated items and jumble, staff our charity barns, aid members of the public, answer emails, update Facebook, website and Twitter, and deal with suppliers, collect food donations, plan events, raise money through street collections, respond to emergencies, provide ongoing support for those who have adopted an animal from us and many other vast and varied tasks!

Some of the animals who join us have been subjected to neglect and abuse and need to learn to have confidence in people again. Some of them have not been socialised with other animals and need help with a range of potential issues. Our staff, provide all of this and more through the care and commitment shown to those abandoned by their owners or sadly being rehomed for any reason.

Please contact us at the animal sanctuary if you are interested in any of the animals listed here. We can provide further details about whether they would be suited to your circumstances and lifestyle and arrange for you to come and see them.

If you have other pets we will help to assess whether they would all get along together, and we always insist that you bring any resident dogs to meet new members of your canine family.

A home check and adoption fee will apply and we are happy to discuss this further when you come to visit us. The adoption fee covers the cost of spaying or neutering your new animal and having them vaccinated and microchipped so that they leave us to start their new lives having had their essential veterinary needs met.

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