The Secret Life of the Cat – BBC2 Documentary

The Secret Life of the Cat – BBC2 Documentary

The secret life of the cat has been shown as a series on BBC2 and offers an insight into cat behaviour rarely seen by the owners and public.

Cameras around the rooms in several houses show us what cats are up to whilst the house is empty and and what they get up to whilst we are asleep   Collar cameras were also fitted to the cats to show their activities as were GPS trackers to show how far they roamed.
The secret life of the cat documentary by the Horizon team showed that cats are not averse to entering other peoples and cats homes via cat flaps and eating other cats meals. In one case this caused the cat who lived at the house distress and spent more time away from its home. The sale of GPS data recording shot up 350% after the programmes went out and Amazon orders are the fastest pre selling pet supply. The show also gave rise to many of having heightened suspicions about our cats private lives.
In this experiment 50 cats were tagged in a Surrey village to record all their movements 24 hours per day.
The experts involved were Dr John Bradshaw, Dr Sarah Ellis, Prof. Alan Wilson and of course the technical gadgets.

One of the cats owners had always wondered why after putting her cat on a diet it was not losing weight, now she knows.
Although we consider cats domesticated once they are outside their powerful hunter instinct comes to the fore.
One cat roamed over 2 miles per day and covered a total of around seven acres in area.

The Secret Life of Cats certainly revealed what our felines got up to when out of our site and the results were surprising and enlightening.

Read more of what the cats got up to and even see videos as shown on the programme at

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