The Queens Corgis Meals are Cooked by a Chef

The Queens Corgis Meals are Cooked by a Chef

The Queen’s corgis meals are cooked by a chef  and are fed a diet of fillet steak and chicken breast  a new book claims.
The specially prepared meals are  delivered by a footman and smothered with gravy which is poured by Her Majesty.
Biographer Brian Hoey says that the dogs woof their meal sat 5pm  every day at Buckingham Palace, in his book Pets by Royal Appointment.

They do not eat until the Queen herself has given the royal command for them to begin their meals, the Sunday Times reports.
The dogs never eat tinned food and have even been given homeopathic remedies when they are ill.

The Queens Corgis Meals are Cooked by a Chef, well if you can afford it, well cant you?

The Queen’s love of corgis was said to hav started on her eighteenth birthday, when she was given a Pembroke corgi named Susan from whom numerous successive dogs were bred.
Some were mated with dachshunds – most notably Pipkin, who belonged to Princess Margaret – to create ‘dorgis’.
The puppy was given to the Queen on her 18th birthday by King George VI, and her gravestone calls her ‘the faithful companion of the Queen’, an epitaph which is also used on the headstones of two of her descendants, Sugar and Heather.
Susan was said to be so beloved by the Queen that she went on honeymoon with her and Prince Philip in 1947

At present, The Queen owns two corgis, Willow and Holly, and two dorgis, Candy and Vulcan, which travel with her to her various residences.

The most recent death in the Queen’skennels is that of 13-year-old Monty, who starred with Her Majesty in the James Bond sketch for the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.
However, he was laid to rest at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where he died.

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