The Death of the UKs Record Breaking Carp

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The Death of the UKs Record Breaking Carp

The Death Announced of the UKs Record Breaking Carp

In the angling world, he was a celebrity – thats Britain’s biggest carp, the one fishermen spent years trying to catch.

And as news of The Parrot’s death spread recently, fishermen were in mourning, paying tributes to the huge 68lb 1oz mirror carp.

Mr Hibbs, manager of the Wasing Estate fishery in Berkshire, home to the fish since it was bought at just 12lb, in 1997, said he was devastated, describing The Parrot as a one off.

Mr Hibbs received the phone call at 6am one morning when an angler pulled the record-breaking carp from his lake.

A post mortem confirmed it had died from natural causes, as expected, given the 25-year-old fish’s age.

“People travelled from afar for a glimpse of The Parrot, he was the fish everyone wanted to land,” he said.

“Having caught him myself, I know first hand what a wonderful fish he was. He was greedy though, probably because of his size, and was caught three to six times a year.”

The Parrot, named because of his narrow mouth which resembled a bird’s beak, is now with a taxidermist and will be proudly mounted on a wall at the fishery when it is dried out and stuffed, a process that can take up to two years.


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