The Budgie who Mimics R2-D2 from Star Wars

bluey the budgie

The Budgie who Mimics R2-D2 from Star Wars

Read about the budgie who mimics R2-D2 from Star Wars

Bluey the Budgie can talk like R2-D2, the little robot from George Lucas’ Star Wars movies like a pro impersonator. The native Australian parakeet is also blue and white, the same colour as the droid, who incidentally had the actor Kenny Baker inside him operating the controls. Bluey does it on his own!

Bluey was raised by the owners seven year old daughter. “He is a curious bird, and was intrigued by human voices and of the cockatoos in and around our garden. he could even mimic the noise of pigeons as they took off in flight. We decided to play him the sounds that R2-D2 makes and did this a few times over a number of days. To our surprise he picked it up very quickly.”
Bluey the budgie who mimics R2-D2 from Star wars now also make the sounds of lasers. Other budgies in the house could imitate R2-D2 but only for a couple of seconds. He can speak English as well but nothing coordinated and it is just a jumble of words.
We feel pretty certain that he is driving the other budgies mad with his constant bleep bleep bloop etc.

See and hear Bluey the budgie here

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