Tarantula Spiders as Pets!

Tarantula Spiders as Pets!

Tarantulas are a group of large, hairy spiders (arachnids) which belong to the ‘new world’ Theraphosidae sub-family of spiders. There’s about 900 species which belong to this family, and they are commonly referred to as Tarantulas. The most common species are the Chilean Rose, Brazilian Black, Mexican Red Knee, Curly Hair, Chile Gold Burst, Mexican Blood Leg and Chaco Golden Knee — which all originate from the Americas. They are a docile species, unlike those which originate from Africa and Asia which aren’t recommended as pets as their venom is highly potent, they are aggressive and therefore more likely to attack if provoked.

Tarantulas and wolf spiders often make excellent exotic pets, and usually very interesting to watch. They are readily available due to their willingness to breed in captivity. They don’t make noise, they don’t smell and are quite easy to look after you will be pleased to know.

The Chilean Rose is by far the most popular tarantula to have as a pet as they are calm, docile and ideal if you’re looking for your first tarantula.

Tarantulas vary in size, with their overall leg span growing as as large as 30cm, and their bodies can range between 2.5 to 10cm. Appearances can vary between species, for example: the Chilean Rose tarantula has tan brown and lighter pinky shades and looks very hairy, whereas the Brazilian Black is jet black and quite bulky. Females are usually bigger than males and are also more brightly coloured.

The tarantula’s body consists of two parts — the cephalothorax and the abdomen. The legs, pedipalps (an extra pair of pincers) and fangs are attached to the cephalothorax, and spinnerets are found at the tip of the abdomen which produce silk for making webs.

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