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How to take the best photos of your pet

How to take best photos of your pet. Taking photos of your pet can be quite difficult. With a few simple tricks and camera settings it’s not impossible to capture amazing, professional-looking photos of your pets and be worthy of displaying in your home. How do you get your pet to cooperate? There are several tricks of the trade, but in the end it comes down to patience and being ready for that special momen. In a perfect world you’d have [...]

Do You Know How To Photograph Your Pet

Taking photographs of pets can sometimes be very difficult. But with a few simple tricks and camera settings  it’s not impossible to produce amazing, professional-looking photos of these family members, worthy of hanging on the wall. To help you get the best pet photos, we spoke to a pet and landscape photographer based in the USA. He started photographing animals when he first volunteered at local animal rescue organizations, which have a need for high-quality photos but don’t have the time [...]