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Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick and his Pet Homing Plan on Live TV

Noel Fitzpatrick.  Anyone thinking of getting themselves a new pet might want to pick one live on TV. Channel 4 is staging a five-day adoptathon to find homes for the record number of abandoned animals currently living in shelters. Hosted by Supervet himself, Noel Fitzpatrick,and TV presenter Steve Jones, the live series hopes to find new owners for every dog, cat, rabbit and bird at the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter. With 250,000 pets left to the care of rescue centres every [...]


Noel Fitzpatrick Animal Supervet is on a UK Tour 2016

The Supervet is on tour. Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick is one of England’s top veterinarians. “Super Vet” shows Noel and his staff treating hard-to-cure ailments with innovative care and surgical methods. The program gives the often-emotional stories of pets, owners and the passionate team that pushes boundaries of medicine to save animals from life-threatening illnesses. Nicknamed the Bionic Vet, Noel Fitzpatrick employs more than 100 people at his neurosurgery/orthopedic clinic in Surrey. Professor Noel Fitzpatrick will be touring Great Britain as part [...]