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Hedgehogs, How to Rescue Ones in Difficulty

Hedgehogs, Information on how to Rescue Ones in in Difficulty. A hedgehog visible in daylight  is more than likely to be having difficulties. Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures and there are very few reasons why they would be out in full daylight, most of those reasons mean they are in trouble. Do not put the animal back under a hedge. Pick it up, follow these instructions  and call us for advice on what to do next. Sick animals can die very quickly [...]


Hedgehogs, A Declining Species. Give Them an Igloo Shelter

Hedgehogs are on the decline in the UK The Igloo Hedgehog House gives hedgehogs and other small mammals a safe refuge from the many hazards they face on a daily basis such as gardening tools ie strimmers, forks, spades, also domestic pets and other predators like badgers and foxes. It is also much safer than piles of leaves, compost heaps and bonfire piles. Comprising of a round painted steel frame with a water-proofed roof it is covered with a brush wood finish [...]


Attract Hedgehogs to Your Garden, Help them Survive

Attracting Hedgehogs to your garden First, Make sure they have access!! The best thing is hedges, rather than fences for privacy. Hedging is an good habitat for garden wildlife. Evergreen hedges such as holly not only provide year round colour but their berries provide a much needed source of winter food for garden birds. You can create a five inch hole in the bottom of your fence or gate so that hedgehogs can crawl in. You should encourage your neighbours to do [...]