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Healthy Cats: Give Your Cat the Food of Love They Need

Healthy cats need the correct food. Cats are known as an obligate carnivore. They need meat and fish, flesh and bone. Cats are NOT vegetarian. It cannot be stressed enough. Your cat needs meat, and feeding her anything else is almost animal cruelty. If a cats does not get the majority of their nutrition from meat and fish they are going to suffer some serious health problems. The most crucial element is taurine, an amino acid essential to the health of [...]

healthy cat

Cat Health – Keeping Them in Prime Condition

Cat Health – help them stay in Purrrfect condition Cats are very agile and active pets, when they are not napping that is, known for their curiosity. For this reason, many people find they are easily humoured by the feline species’ innate sense of independence, and enjoy spending time with these furry little creatures with big personalities. It is no wonder that cat owners want to do whatever it takes to help their animal companions live long and healthy lives. Promoting [...]