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Ricky Gervais Urges Boris Johnson to End Exotic Pets Trade

Ricky Gervais asks Boris Johnson to End Exotic Pet Trade Ricky Gervais is among several celebs to have signed an open letter urging Boris Johnson to help stop the exotic pets trade.  The open letter was sent on behalf of World Animal Protection and the Campaign to End Wildlife Trade  was signed by 24 NGOs including World Animal Protection, Compassion in World Farming, Four Paws UK and Cruelty Free International. Its distinguished signatories included Ricky, who is frequently outspoken about animal [...]

exotic pets

The Exotic Pets Trade Explained and Information

The Exotic Pets Trade Explained  Every year millions of exotic animals are traded around the globe, destined for owners basements and backyards. A Lot of this trade is legal, but numerous times animals are captured from the wild illegally to supply the demand for exotic pets. People have kept exotic pets throughout history, but demand for unique creatures has boomed in recent years. Many exotic pets are bred in captivity. Conservationists  see captive breeding as a way to save wild animals from poaching for [...]