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Dog Theft and How to Prevent It.

Dog theft is increasing because of the times but has always been a problem. Protect your dog from theftIdentificationYour dog must be microchipped. Keep records upto date, a change of address or phone number.A collar with your name and address on it. This is a legal requirement when in a public place. If your dog is neutered, state it on the tag, it will put off thieves if they are wanting your dog for breeding purposes.Do not mention the dog’s [...]

dog theft

Dog Theft – Stolen To Sell and Fund Drug Habits

A Report from South Africa on Dog Theft Animal welfare organisations have warned dog owners of an uptrend in dog theft – all breeds and sizes – for dog fighting. One dog owner of a Husky, had gone missing on Saturday, January 21. “I went to check the kennel at about 1:30pm and she was gone. I thought maybe she had pushed through the wire,” he said. He went to check at nearby Parks where he spoke to two security guards who told [...]

dog theft

Dog Theft Action Charity and its Aims

Dog Theft Action provides information to the public about dog theft. We are primarily concerned with getting essential information to victims of dog theft so to assist them with their search for a missing or stolen pet, but we also aim to offer general guidance on responsible dog ownership and canine welfare. Mission Statement To promote the protection, security and welfare of pet dogs from the threat of theft by the provision of advice, information and education, leading to a reduction [...]