Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick and his Pet Homing Plan on Live TV


Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick and his Pet Homing Plan on Live TV

Noel Fitzpatrick.  Anyone thinking of getting themselves a new pet might want to pick one live on TV.

Channel 4 is staging a five-day adoptathon to find homes for the record number of abandoned animals currently living in shelters.
Hosted by Supervet himself, Noel Fitzpatrick,and TV presenter Steve Jones, the live series hopes to find new owners for every dog, cat, rabbit and bird at the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter.

With 250,000 pets left to the care of rescue centres every year, many other sites across the UK will also join in. And viewers looking to buy a puppy or kitten will be encouraged to go and adopt their pet instead.
Called Clear the Shelter, the live hour-long programmes will be spread across five weeknight August 11th.

Noel says: “Through raising awareness of the fun, love and hope that rehoming an animal can bring, I think we speak a language of joy and compassion, and that this is a fantastic message to put out into the world right now.”

The UK is home to more than 16 million dogs and cats but a huge number get abandoned, often through moving house. So now more than ever, the displaced pet population needs a helping hand – and the series aims to dismantle the stigma associated with rescue animals.

Throughout the shows, viewers will have access to experts to guide them through the adoption process. All applicants will be subject to the usual strict protocols to ensure the safety of the animal being adopted.
“Clear the Shelter aims to involve viewers in a national campaign.

“This is a live series that really hopes to make a difference.”

Host Steve adds: “I love animals, I love live TV and I love The Supervet. This is going to be a great show with a great purpose. Can’t wait.”

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