Study Shows Dogs and Cats the Internet Adores

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Study Shows Dogs and Cats the Internet Adores

Study shows dogs and cats the internet adores and loves.

This study found that the most loved pets are Golden Retreivers by far. A group has analysed social media and found out that golden retrievers were included in a huge 4.4 million posts in the last year. The dogs had plenty of people praising them and received an average of 222 ‘love’ reactions for each post.

The Bengal cat has come tops of the funniest pet. The striking leopard-print cats are known for their attitude and were written about in 2.4 million posts in the last year. The naughty Bengal received an average of 17 ‘laughing’ reactions for each post.

Labradoodles were naughtiest with an average of 79 ‘angry’ reactions per post. These playful dogs are well known for being very energetic followed by a lot of destruction in homes. Bear in mind that Labradoodle’s usually calm down around the ages of two and three.

The researchers delved deeper and searched pet forums for any mention of pet destruction and which breeds were the worst. They found dogs were far more destructive than moggies.

Staffordshire bull terriers were the clumsiest with one in 20 mentions of broken phones, plant pots and glasses.

Labrador owners said the breed was most likely to use your carpet to to go to the toilet. Collie dogs were most likely to chew skirting boards, sofas and other furniture and Shih tzu’s were most likely to dig up your garden.

Beagles came out as the greediest dog as people said they would steal food off your plate, tip over the bins rummage in them, and empty any cupboard they could access. The study found that one in 15 mentions of stealing food included their name.

Study Shows Dogs and Cats the Internet Adores

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