‘Stop and think’ before buying dogs from abroad, says vet

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‘Stop and think’ before buying dogs from abroad, says vet

It’s after Love Island stars Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury said that a puppy they had bought from Russia died just six days after they received him.

The couple say they’re heartbroken.

The company that sold  the dog insist he was healthy and says it only uses reputable Russian breeders.

If you are buying a puppy you ought to be researching where they are bred, seeing the environment they’ve been brought up in and  seeing them with their mother as.

BUT that’s all so difficult when they’re coming from anywhere abroad.

These dogs are sometimes forced to suffer very long car journeys to get them to the UK, which can put their health at great risk.

They are often transported in unsanitary cages with not enough space, food or water – and sometimes they’re coming into the country far too young with paperwork that reliable.

Ultimately, this can lead not only to health problems, with dogs carrying foreign strains of certain illnesses, but behavioural problems too.

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