Recyclable Coat Hangers Developed By Fashion Designer.

Recyclable Coat Hangers Developed By Fashion Designer.

A recyclable clothes hanger has been produced by a fashion designer in a way to end the use of those plastic ones.

Roland Mouret comments that plastic hangers are the “plastic straw” of the fashion industry and he has developed the world’s only sustainable brand.

They are constructed out of 80% recycled plastic recovered from the oceans and 20% recyclable plastic, and they also feature aluminium hooks.

Current use plastic coat hangers are difficult to recycle because of how they are made and usually finish up in landfill, millions per year.

They can be a combination of up to seven different plastic types and also metal, and many hangers end up in landfill where they may take up to 1,000 years to break down.

Mr Mouret offered 300 of his new material hangers for free to many designers at London Fashion Week. But, only about 20% accepted them.

Mr Mouret, who created the hangers in association with the company Arch and Hook, said “A beautiful garment has to be hanged on a hanger and has to be carried by van to the store.

“In that travel, we use single use plastic hangers that we throw away straight away afterwards, and they’re all polystyrene and that substance is not recyclable .”Mr Mouret says his hanger is “fully sustainable”.


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