Raw Chicken, Is It safe For My Cat?

raw chicken

Raw Chicken, Is It safe For My Cat?

Is it OK to feed my cat raw chicken?

Here are some personal opinions from cat owners.

Yes you can. So long as you’re sure that it’s not spoiled. In fact, raw would be better because the nutrients won’t be cooked out.

My vet told me to feed my cat cooked chicken as she stopped eating her normal cat food. She keeps stealing raw bit off the chopping board while I am cutting it up is it ok if she has the whole lot raw? I don’t like how much fats and oils come out of the chicken when it gets cooked.

Raw chicken is good for cats better than any other raw meat as it is not so rich ,better than cooked chicken. You ca even liquidise the meat bones of the chicken but toy have to make sure the bones are all fine not any whole pieces of bones

Of course you can, fresh clean chicken of course. Cats do like meat/fish/poultry. My cat even eats bread and cheese. I have never fed a pet cat store-bought standard cat food. The butcher is the better place for getting food that feeds the feline.

I personally feed a ground Raw Meat, Bones and Organ based diet to my cats and they are incredibly healthy on it. I HIGHLY recommend it. While scary at first, once I got the hang of it and felt comfortable with it it’s a snap to prepare.

Cats are obligate carnivores after all and must derive ALL their nutrients from meat based sources. They are unable to absorb them from any other source. Despite thousands of years of domestication they remain strictly carnivorous. True and honest meat eaters and that is what they need most.

Raw chicken is also good in large pieces as my vet told me. The cat has to then chew and tug at the meat which will then help to keep his teeth in better order.

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