Rare Amur Leopards Born at Twycross Zoo


Rare Amur Leopards Born at Twycross Zoo


Amur leopards born at Twycross Zoo, an endangered species

Twycross Zoo have announced the birth of two of the world’s rarest big cats – the Amur leopards.

Two of the world’s rarest large cats, Amur leopards, have been born at Twycross Zoo.
The Leicestershire zoo published the first photos and video of the cubs, which were born five weeks ago.

Less than 70 of these leopards survive in the wild and Twycross hopes that the two cubs could be part of wider long-term conservation plans to save the species.

The cubs are the second pair of babies born to mum Kristen and dad Davidoff and their births marks another milestone for the zoo in it’s efforts to save the species from extinction.

The cats, which are native to Eastern Russian forest and mountain environments are at risk of becoming extinct out in their natural habitat. As solitary hunters they continually face habitat loss as well as being poached for their fur.

Recent surveyss show the number of wild Amur leopards has now dropped below 70 individuals however the exact number is difficult to count as they are so rare and difficult to track down.

With around 200 of these leopards in zoos across the world, the new cubs at Twycross will help conservationists hoping to reintroduce the cats and into the wild.

Dr Charlotte Macdonald, director of Life Sciences at Twycross said: “We are excited about our new arrivals and it is great to see how their mother is confidently responding to the cubs now that she is a more experienced mum. The birth is fantastic news for the entire species as Twycross Zoo actively participates in the conservation of the critically endangered Amur leopards and captive-bred cubs such as these two could help ensure the long-term survival of the species.”


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