Pure Pet Foods is Suitable for Human Consumption

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Pure Pet Foods is Suitable for Human Consumption

Pure Pet Foods manufacture pet food that is suitable for human consumption.

The dog food that Pure Pet Foods manufacture is fit not only for dogs but for human consumption as well.

Pure Pet Foods process is that they prepare all of their dog food with dehydration.
This is a much more lenghtier process than the processing od normal wet and dry food for dogs and has benefits.

The process of dehydration obvoiusley removes all the moisture content, a process which has been employed by many companies for many years. This process seals in the natural nutrients and at the same time preserves them.

The process of dehydration at Pure Pet Foods involves the washing and chopping of fresh fruit, whilst potatoes are flash cooked to ensure digeston before they are dehydrated at temperatures of between 60c to 90c.

Because moisture is removed it means that what is left is arounf 4 timesas dense in nutrients, minerals and vitamins compared with your normal fruit and veg. in its fresh stare.

Expensive vetinary bills are often the result of bad diets or diets that have allergic qualities to some dogs. Digestive ailments, itching, allergies and dental health can sometimes be attributed to diet. These problems can be sometimes resolved by the correct diet of fresh and natural foods instead of the run of the mill processed foods.

All of the meals are of human grade and as such is safe for human consumption.

Pure Pet Foods is now backed by leading vetinarians and is stocked in many high street stores.

Read more at their website   http://www.purepetfood.co.uk/things-we-make/index.php?route=common/home

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