Plastic In Our Canals, How You Can Help

Plastic In Our Canals, How You Can Help

The plastics and litter in our oceans is a worldwide problem. One that seems out of reach from our own neighbourhoods. But there is a way you can make a big difference on your own doorstep.

Take the PlasticsChallenge 

The next time you visit a waterway close to you:

  1. Pick up just one piece of plastic
  2. Take a photo of you with it and share it on FacebookTwitter oInstagram with the hashtag #PlasticsChallenge
  3. Take it home with you and bin it or better still recycle
  4. If everyone who visited a canal or river picked up one piece of plastic, they would be clear in a year

About 80% of the plastic in our seas comes from litter dropped on land. Research shows that 1,562 items of plastic bottles, food wrappers, bags etc. leave one of our canals or rivers and floats to the sea every day. That’s over 500,000 items each year.

All that litter and plastic also damages wildlife that live in and around the waterways and hedgerows. Lots of it laying unseen under the surface of the water.



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