Pets – Wild at Heart on BBC1

Pets – Wild at Heart on BBC1

Pets – Wild at Heart on BBC1 Wednesday 21st January 2015.


The production team responsible for bringing us  Penguins – Spy in the Huddle now show us the incredible secrets of our pets’ behaviour in ways we have never seen before.

Totally astonishing photography explores the wilder side of our domestic pets, and delves into why hamsters love to run in a wheel, how dogs learn the rules of a pack and how kittens learn to be solitary hunters. Featuring incredible views of plunge-diving dogs, babysitting cats, acrobatic hamsters and a playful cat outwitted by his prey – you’ll never view your pet in quite the same way again.   Pets – Wild at Heart on BBC1   also reveals why budgies talk, how a cat can climb a vertical wall using its special claw, why hamsters fill their face pouches with more food than they can eat and why rabbits hop.

Our pets are also given a chance to explore their wild side as we join the free-roaming pet dogs of Cusco Peru, pet rabbits living in a natural warren and the wild-living inhabitants of Cat Island, Japan. A range of innovative techniques such as moving X-rays, thermal imagery, minicam-carrying dogs and revelatory slow-motion photography shows why our pets play and how their true wild nature is just a whisker away.

Tune into Pets – Wild at Heart on BBC1 on Wednesday evening for a truly remarkable look at the secret world of our pets.

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