Pet Travel – Information for Pet Owners

Pet Travel – Information for Pet Owners

Pet Travel – Vital information for Pet Owners and Pet Travel

As long as you comply with the rules of the pet travel scheme you can take your dog, cat, ferret abroad and also bring them into the UK without having to go through the old quarrantine hassle.

Pet Travel
On the 29th December 2014 there will be small amendments to the pet travel scheme, see guidance notes further on.
If you are thinking of bringing pets into this country either to re sell or re home you will need to adhere to the law and rules governing animal trade.

These rules are in place to keep the United Kingdom free of rabies because it does exist in other countries and a strict system will keep it out of the UK as well as other tropical and exotic dideases.

Pet Owners Dogs, Cats and Ferrets
It is your responsibility to make sure your pet meets all the rules and regulations before entering the UK under the pet travel scheme. Proceedures need to be carried out and in the correct order and all documentation is completed to satisfaction. Failure in any part by your self will be costly and mean your precious pet has to spend a considerable time being quarrantined.

More information on pet travel for pet owners including microchipping, tattoos, vaccination, blood tests, documentation, passports and other requirements and also If you are coming in to the UK from the EU or a listed non-EU country your pet must:

Please follow this link for further information.


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