Pet Tortoise Stolen in Sunderland

Pet Tortoise Stolen in Sunderland

Pet Tortoise Stolen in Sunderland

A tortoise which has been in the same family for almost 40 years has been stolen in a burglary.

Police said the pet called Herby was taken from a garden shed in Crosslea Avenue, Sunderland.

The family, who remane anonymous are devastated and fear the animal may not survive if it is abandoned.
Herby is about 1ft (30cm) long and weighs around 15 lbs (7kg) with a white line down the middle of his shell.
Ch Insp Sarah Pitt, of Northumbria Police ,said: “This has had a massive impact on the owner.
“An offender has forced entry into an outhouse and stolen the animal from the back garden of the property leaving the family completely devastated.
‘totally distressed’
“We would ask neighbours and people living in the area to check their gardens to see if the tortoise has been dumped by the offender.”
A spokesman for the family, who have offered a reward for the safe return of the tortoise, added: “We are desperate to have Herby returned home to us as he has been in the family for as long as we can remember.
“All we want is for him to be returned to us safe and unharmed.
“Herby has spent his entire life in our home and must be really frightened to be in such a strange place.”

Pet tortoises have been recorded as living to over 100 years but a generally it is 10 to 20 years and again this is not fixed, many factors have to be taken into consideration.

The theft happened on the evening of 17 August.

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