Pet Snakes for Children and Beginners


Pet Snakes for Children and Beginners

Snakes as Pets, a simple guide to choosing

Corn Snakes

This species is reasonably small with an average length of 24 to 72 inches. They are usually orange or dark yellow in colour and usually have black edged red blotches down their backs. Their bellies have a checkerboard-like of black and white marks.
Corn varieties are usually active during the day and sleep at night. Wild ones can be good climbers and will even manage to get up small trees, so providing rocks and logs is a great way to keep your corn snake happy.
Because they are not venomous or aggressive they are one of the most popular pet snakes and are simple to care for, handle and feed. They make great pets for people who don’t have much time to dedicate to their pet and also for beginners or children.
The typical lifespan of a corn snake is around 6 years in the wild – up to 23 years as a pet! This means that getting a corn snake is a long-term commitment and you may want to consider rehoming one that is already a few years old.

Generally corn snakes are timid, but can easily become used to being handled and will crawl up and down people quite happily – they usually have good temperaments and it isn’t in their nature to bite. It is worth noting that any snake will become bad-tempered and is more likely to bite if it is cold or hungry – so to keep the happy pet-owner relationship alive you will need to ensure you have the correct heating, housing and food available for your snake.

Most captive corn snakes will eat a mouse every few days, though the exact size of the mouse depends entirely on the size of your corn snake. After being fed, a corn snake can become unwell or distressed if handled too soon and owners are advised to give the snake a day or so to digest the mouse.

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