Pet Rabbits, Their Needs and Requirements

Pet Rabbits, Their Needs and Requirements

Thinking of getting a rabbit as a pet, here is some vital info.

Or perhaps you already have one, or more. Either way you are one of the millions of pet owners who think of rabbits as ideal pets. This is not surprising as they are endearing, affectionate animals that easily sway us with their charm. But like any other pet, keeping a rabbit is a big commitment, don’t go into it with your eyes closed. So, please take a moment to read this webpage to find out what is involved in giving top quality care for your rabbit and how your hard work can be rewarded with a loving and happy pet.
Most people keep their bunnies outdoors and if you are planning to do the same, then you need around 10 square feet to provide a proper rabbit hutch and run. After buying the bunnies and set them up properly and have the money to afford for them every month you can now care for them. If you can not answer yes to these questions then you really should think carefully about taking on rabbits, and consider other pets, that require less space and finance.

Rabbits are active!
They need plenty of space, a spacious run outdoors or freedom to run around the house for several hours every day. Cages should be burrows to rest in, not prisons to keep them in.
Rabbits are sociable!
Wild rabbits live in colonies, never on their own. Your rabbit will need plenty of interaction either from you, a bunny companion or suitably both.
Rabbits are someone else’s dinner!
Preyed upon by many other species, rabbits are naturally shy, quiet animals who hate being held above ground level. Gaining the trust of a rabbit takes time and effort.
Please remember, a rabbit is not just for Easter.

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