Pet Photography – Some Simple Tips for Better Photos

pet photos

Pet Photography – Some Simple Tips for Better Photos

Pet Photography – Achieving better results

If you’re a budding photographer, there’s a strong chance that your pets and those of your friends and family have become a source of inspiration and the subjects of countless experimental photo shoots.

Since animals are very unpredictable and can’t be directed in the same way humans can, getting great pics. of your loyal companions is often easier said than done.

1. Use Treats. This is the simplest trick in the manual! Grab your pets favorite treat or toy and hold it directly above or beside your lens. Without the treat It would be far more difficult to get a good shot.

2. Use Props. New puppies are a little bit more calm, Work with what you have a try different toys until something works.

3. Dress Them Up. Silly as it may be, pets in outfits are eye catching. The more your pets wear them, the less they will mind them.

4. Use the light from windows when taking an indoor photo of your pet, switch off the flash and use natural light. We’ve all seen photos of dogs and cats with scary eyes which are caused by using flash. Turn your flash off for a much nicer image! If you are low on light take your pet nearer to a window. Position your back to the window with your pet in front of you (facing the window).

5. How about posing with your pet. When you are included in the photo with them there will automatically be more personality added, even if your face isn’t in shot. It highlights the family aspect of having a pet. Photos where you are snuggling, playing or sleeping will be treasured memories that you will keep!

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