Overweight Pets, Stop Killing Yours!

Overweight Pets, Stop Killing Yours!

Our pets are getting obese and the problem continues to escalate – chips, take-aways, treats and even booze are killing our friends.

Over 10 million pets are overweight through mis-treating them, and we dont mean cruelty, we give them our food and think we are treating them, no no no we are not!

PDSA research shows that 87 per cent of pet owners give pets treats, 91 per cent realise being overweight can reduce their pet’s life.

Around 1 in 3 dogs,  and  1 in 4 cats are currently overweight and having their lives cut short, it can and most probably will reduce their enjoyment of life.

PDSA’s 2013 PAW Report, produced in conjunction with YouGov, provides the biggest annual insight into pet health and welfare reports that inappropriate feeding of biscuits, chocolate, fast foods etc are contributing immensly to the problem. You can even add alcohol to the list.

 To help combat the problem the charity has launched its annual fat-fighting competition, PDSA Pet Fit Club. Over the last eight years, the contest has transformed the lives of some of Britain’s fattest pets, many of whom simply wouldn’t have survived had their weight issues not been tackled.

The PDSA Pet Fit Club, launched eight years ago is a fat fighting initiative contest. and has transformed numerous overweight pets who would not be alive today.


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