Moving House with a Pet Dog. Top Tips for a Stressless Day

moving house

Moving House with a Pet Dog. Top Tips for a Stressless Day

Moving House with a Dog

Moving house is an exciting time, busy, chaotic, stressful. If you have a dog you have even more to consider. Our dogs are more than pets. It’s such a cliché to say they are part of the family but, its true. We need to consider dogs and their needs when moving.

Keep Cool
Dogs are intuitive animals. They know when you’re happy, sad and stressed. Moving house doesn’t need to be the stress fest that most would have you believe. Keep your cool or the dog will be wound up and sense an upcoming disruption. If you’re relaxed through the move, the pooch will be too.

Moving Day
It might be a good idea to ask someone to look after your dog to make sure he’s out of the way. The doors are likely to be left open and you don’t want him running off. If you are going to keep Rover with you then make sure he is comforted and reassured throughout the day. He may panic when he sees all his comforts being taken away from him. Make sure he still has his bowl and treats nearby, his favourite toy and blanket so he still has that feeling of familiarity and safety.

Name Tags
As soon as you start moving change the tags on your dog’s collar, adding your new address etc. so if they run off on arrival at the new home, he should be found and returned to you. Fuss your dog telling him what a ‘Good Boy’… or girl he/she is when you’re putting the new tag on so he/she can join in the excitement of all the new things going on for the family that day.

Lock Down
One of the concerns when you move to a new home with your beloved canine, is that they will find a way out of the new garden. Check the place out when you first get there and before you let the pooch loose outside, check there isn’t a hole in the fence behind the shed or room under the gate.

New House, Old Bed
When you choose a spot for your dog’s bed, be sure to put bedding and toys with the scent of the old house in this spot so he still has that familiarity and comfort.

Patience and Piddling
If you’re moving house with a younger dog or puppy you may need to go back to the beginning of house training all over again, but with older dogs there may be a few small accidents, so you may find yourself having to clean up a few harmless puddles. Be patient.

When you take your dog out for their first walk at his new home, give him time to adjust and explore the new place. Imagine how many new and exciting smells there are for him. Keep him on his lead to begin with. Keep in mind that your new home isn’t only new to you, but to your dog too! The sun may rise at different times, the postman may come earlier or later than at your old home and the cars may be nearer and therefore noisier. Luckily, dogs are resilient and they will adjust so just bear with him.

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