Mouse Caught in 150 Year Old Trap at Museum


Mouse Caught in 150 Year Old Trap at Museum

Mouse Caught in 150 Year Old Trap at Museum in a sealed room!

A Perpetual Mouse Trap patented in Victorian Times 1861 has lived up to its name by catching a mouse in Reading.

The unfortunate rodent fell into the arms of the 155-year-old trap which is on display at an artefact at the English Museum of Rural Life in the University of Reading.

The Perpetual Mouse Trap was made by Colin Pullinger & Sons of Silsey in Sussex and is described as the ‘simplest, cleanest and most humane trap yet produced, as well as being ‘beautifully made and finished’.”The trap itself was not baited, but this did not stop our mouse from wriggling inside and, finding itself trapped and meeting its demise.”

What is unbelievable is that this is a secure storage room designed not to let a living thing into it and the mousetrap along with several others was in a sealed container itself. If it was April 1st then the problem would have been solved, but it wasnt.

The Staff at the museum constantly guard against rodents and other pests because of the damage they can do to their precious collections and arefacts.

They are still deciding what to do with the mouse, who remains inside the trap for now.

Stranger than fiction isnt it.

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