Missing Greyhounds where are 3700 of them?


Missing Greyhounds where are 3700 of them?

3700 Greyhounds are missing in Ireland – WHY?

Each year in Ireland, thousands of greyhounds simply slide off the radar after they are deemed too old or simply not fast enough to race in the industry.

Up to 30,000 greyhounds are born here every year and, clearly, not all of them make it to the track. Huge numbers are abandoned or handed over to rescue organisations and pounds who find it almost impossible to re-home them.

Others suffer an even worse fate, like the six dogs found shot in the head and dumped in a quarry in Limerick two years ago.

The issue was raised recently by Socialist Party TD Paul Murphy who said rescues all over the country, “who are surviving on paltry grants and fund raising are the ones picking up the pieces from the greyhound industry” .
Figures from 2006 showed 34,481 litters were registered. With an average of six pups per litter, that would make a total of more than 31,367 dogs. Only 23,700 of these were registered to race.

This leaves more than 7,500 greyhound puppies ‘missing’, along with the 8,000 dogs a year that have retired from racing.

“Figures show that these dogs do not end up in rescues or re-homed,” Murphy said. “Many end up shot or beaten over the head , then thrown into a pit or quarry as has been shown in recent high profile cases.”

The greyhound industry
Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney recently revealed figures on investigations into welfare incidents in the greyhound industry.

They showed that in 2014:
Four fixed payment notices were issued to people identified as being in breach of the Welfare of Greyhounds Act;
The issuing of a further seven notices was recommended to the Irish Coursing Club;
In the case of two individuals, all greyhounds were removed from the premises;
One investigation led to a successful prosecution and a further two are due before the courts.
 Read more at:  https://uk.news.yahoo.com/thousands-greyhouRead more atnds-just-disappear-happening-them-155431456.html

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