Martin Clunes Islands of America TV Show

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Martin Clunes Islands of America TV Show

Alaska and Hawaii HAWAII for episode one

Islands of America. In Hawaii, Martin Clunes searches out the parts of the state not on the tourist map and meets islanders affected by a huge volcanic eruptions.

On an island in Alaska Martin is gobsmacked by the sight of a magnificent Kodiak bear together with her cubs.

‘It was a privilege seeing these creatures in their natural habitat,’ says Martin. He also says he is sickened that hunters will pay $30,000 to shoot them.

Managed hunts are a big part of the island’s economy but to most outsiders it simply revolts.


In this episode Martin Clunes takes to the skies in a 1920s plane to fly over the San Juan Islands in Washington State and in Louisiana visits Avery Island to see how the renowned Tabasco chilli sauce is made.

His best visit though, was in California’s Channel Islands National Park, known as ‘America’s Galápagos’, which has some unique wildlife. There’s a seal and sea-lion colony consisting of many thousands of them.

If they had just walked in, they would have either run or tried to fight us but there’s a rangers’ monitoring station where they collect data on the animals.

A unique way to get amongst them is to get into a box on wheels, painted a sandy colour. They went out right in the middle of the colony.

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