Leopard Geckos, Some Helpful Information.

leopard gecko

Leopard Geckos, Some Helpful Information.

Leopard Geckos, Some Helpful Information.

Simplest to keep of reptiles.

As any fan of reptiles knows, the leopard gecko’s adorable grin draws people in, making this delightful creature popular among people of all ages and experience levels in reptile care.

This perky little lizard is an excellent beginner’s lizard since they are usually docile, easy to tame, and have minimal care requirements.

These geckos, make superb pets, also known as Leos.

Compared to other lizards, they’re a bit different from them.

Leopards are small, ground- living lizards that originate from the Middle East and as far afield as India. They like rocky, grassland, and desert areas.

They are naturally nocturnal, but in captivity, they become more active during the day, but still do most of their activities at night.

Leopard geckos are insectivores who thrive on a diet of insects ainly consisting of crickets, waxworms, mealworms, and superworms.

Waxworms have a high fat content, so only be feed as a treat, the main diet should mostly consist of gut-loaded and dusted crickets.

Adult leopard geckos can miss several days between feedings, but daily feeding by you is OK.

Take away any uneaten crickets after 15 minutes, or put your pet back in its regular habitat to help keep the enclosure clean and to prevent the crickets from pestering your pal.

Leopard geckos will need incandescent lighting to copy natural sunlight. During summer, give 14 hours of light per day, and decrease to 12-hours in winter.


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