Last Chance Animal Rescue Charity

Last Chance Animal Rescue Charity

Last Chance Animal Rescue Charity

Rescue dogs often have to find new homes and familys even though it is not their fault. Family deaths, seperations, or lack of training in their original homes are often common causes also.

The staff at Last Chance Animal Rescue will tell you all about the dog that you are interested in, and its veterinary information if any available, assessments and current eating, sleeping and activity routines so that his transition into your home can be made as easy as possible. We recommend that you find out all you can about his routine, and keep to it as much as you can. Work out your house rules and decide what is required with all the members of the family. Who will walk the dog first thing in the morning? Who will feed him at night? Will your rescued dog be allowed on the couch or bed? Where will he sleep at night?

When you first bring your new dog home, hopefully from Last Chance Animal Rescue, make sure you have him on a lead! Spend the first 15-30 minutes walking him outside around your house and garden. Walk slowly and let him sniff and pause if he wants to. He is getting used to all the smells. Your dog may relieve himself; this is their way of making themselves at home by adding their mark to the smells of your home, and now their new home. Obviously you would want this to happen outside! The excitement of the move and new family will cause them to relieve themselves more often than normal. You must be prepared to give them plenty of opportunities to do this in the beginning by taking them to your garden.

Let your new dog explore the house, making sure he is supervised AT ALL TIMES.
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