Six Spring Lambs Shot Dead on South Yorkshire Farm


Six Spring Lambs Shot Dead on South Yorkshire Farm

Farmer finds 8 of his new lambs shot.

Six spring lambs have been found shot dead on the 22nd March 2016 after they were apparently used as target practice by yobs on the outskirts of Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Two other lambs have been seriously wounded.

Farmer Tom Brooke called the police after he discovered six lamb carcasses at Stoupers Gate Farm, Hatfield.

The animals were only three to four weeks old.

The two wounded lambs could not be saved and had to be taken to the vet where they were put down.

Mr Brooke  that one of them had been shot six times in the back.

He also added that they had been shot with a large rifle – possibly a .243 calibre.

he said that “The worst thing is that they shot them and then left them. Someone has used them as target practice.”

South Yorkshire Police is due to attend the scene of the incident, which is believed to be near the M180 motorway, as it starts an investigation into the incident.
An National farmers Union spokeswoman said the union had been doing its best to highlight to police the difficulties faced by farmers on the urban fringe.

“We are slowly getting there, but the problem is that they have limited resources,” she told us.

“It is upsetting – it is awful for the animals, but also awful for farmers who are working around the clock lambing and then find something like this has happened.”
If you have any information on this incident or any cruelty to farm animals please contact your local police

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