Jasper, a Border Collie Rescued from a Mountain Ordeal

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Jasper, a Border Collie Rescued from a Mountain Ordeal

Jasper the Border Collie rescued from mountain ordeal.
When Adam Nolan took his border collie Jasper for a walk up Scafell Pike in the Lake District it seemed like a normal day.
That is until Jasper went missing whilst running loose. This sparked a social media campaign by 6000 to help find him.
Mountain rescue teams, helicopters, the police and the public all searched for the canine.
The dog was last spotted at Cam Spout Crag below Scafell Pike.
Adam who was very upset took to social media for help to find his beloved border collie pet and the plea went viral.
The community in the local area got together and helped the search until Jasper was found 3 days later.
Jasper was spotted near the summit of Scafell Pike and was found at 2.00am in the morning by the Wasdale Mountain Rescue
Adam said that there were a huge number of people he had to thank for Jaspers successful return to his spot in front of the fire.
A Justgiving page was eventually set up by Adam and it raised approximately £25000 which he donated to the rescue team.

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