Information on Choosing and Owning a Puppy

Information on Choosing and Owning a Puppy

Thinking of buying a puppy, then read this introductory information on choosing and owning a puppy.

Buying a puppy is a comittment that could span 15 years or more of your life and is a huge responsibility for yourself and immediate family. The thoughts of owning a pup and the pleasure it will bring often clouds the times when the puppy is fully grown and you may want to go on holiday, go out for the day, if you are ill – who can care for it in these circumstances. Also consider the cost, food, vet bills which will probably increase in the dogs later stages of life.
To sum up:
have you thought seriously about what kind of pup – dog would suit your lifestyle
have you the time and finances to devote to your puppy and later dog?
grooming costs, vets costs, kennelling costs, training costs, food costs.
Dont wash over these key points, a pup is not just for fun, it can be for a fifth of your life!
For more information on – Acquiring your puppy – keeping it healthy, insuring your puppy, choosing the right puppy, feeding your pup, vaccinations and worming, taking your puppy home, toilet training, chewing, especially your furniture, teaching it to be good dog, accessories and must have things, and finally the last bit.

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