Imagine a World Without Birds, Total Disaster!

wild birds

Imagine a World Without Birds, Total Disaster!

Imagine a World Without Our Wild Birds, Collapse of the Eco System?

Every day we here bird song, yet don’t pay attention to it.

Take the key stone from a bridge, and the entire structure collapses. On earth, the same can happen; many species represent this key stone, and wild birds are no exception.
A planet without wild birds would be chaos.

The effect on flora.
In one recent New Zealand study, the stitchbird (hihi) became almost extinct. As a consequence of this the Gloxinia bush had a rapid decline because less stichbirds could pollinate the plants.

The effect on insects and crops
Around 10% of an industrialised nation’s crops are eaten by insects, a considerable amount. This impact would be magnified hugely by the absence of wild birds, the consumption of insects by birds being necessary to keep these insects under control. And, ultimately, there would be a vast increase in the numbers of spiders, worms, and other such insectivores that would otherwise have been eaten by birds.
It would be possible to solve this problem by pumping greater amounts of pesticides on crops, but what would this do to the food we eat?

Our birds are a wonder
Birds make our gardens come alive, they bring with them raw nature into our parks, gardens etc, and they ultimately bring us closer to nature. As well as the direct impact on our ecosystem, art and poetry would be poorer. A world without them would be a sullen place.

The next time you hear a bird, listen to its song, and take some time to appreciate the true beauty of one of nature’s most glorious creations.

Tell us your thoughts. How do you think the world would be affected?

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