How to Exercise Your Dog Indoors When You Cannot Go Out.

How to Exercise Your Dog Indoors When You Cannot Go Out.

Run Your Dog Up and Down any Stairs

Using the stairs is a great way to tire them out. The steps are another challenge to a dog’s exercise. They use different muscles than those used on a normal walk or run and add an extra level of difficulty. Stand at the top of the stairs and throw a favourite toy down. When your dog grabs the toy, call him and have him bring the toy up. After several trips he will be well and truly exercised.

Try Obstacle Courses

Use an old hula hoop for him to leap through or use cushions to make a tunnel for him to work his way through. Lead your dog through the various obstacles. This will challenge your dog physically and mentally.

Your Dog Must Work For its Treats

Take a selection of your dog’s favourite treats and hide them around the home eg. behind doors, under tables, under rugs, etc. Your dog will be so busy tracking down his treats that he’ll physically tire himself out. Treat dropping toys are another way to keep your dog busy and engage them physically as they push around their toys trying to get to the food inside.

Keep away and fetch

Play with your dog in a standard game of fetch. These games keep your dog engaged, active, and help to release his energy.

Get Your Dog On the Treadmill

A treadmill is a great way to get your dog a dose of healthy indoor exercise, that is of course if you have one. Alow your dog to get comfortable with the sight and sound of a running treadmill. Place your dog on the treadmill and give him a treat. Turn the treadmill on the lowest speed. Keep giving him treats to keep him on the machine. You can use the dog’s lead as an aid but never tie him to the treadmill. Standing in front of the treadmill and rewarding him with treats for walking might make your dog feel more comfortable. Once he is adjusted, you can gradually increase the speed to provide a more challenging workout.

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