Horses Rescued from Floods

Horses Rescued from Floods

A group of wild horses stranded by rising flood waters have been rescued in Dorset.

The RSPCA said it had been working with their owner over the past two weeks to help keep them away from possible danger

But recent torrential caused next to the field at Stoney Lane, Christchurch, to burst its banks, leaving the animals trapped.

The seven horses were moved to a safe dry area with food on Saturday and efforts to remove them are under way.

Two were loaded on to a transporter earlier with the remaining five to be taken away later.


The RSPCA said it was aware some members of the community had wanted action sooner.

But a spokeswoman said: “This was a very dangerous situation and one of the hardest types of rescues the RSPCA undertake.

“The horses were wild and uncooperative, there was a fast flowing river next to the field and the field was flooded.

“We understand – and share – people’s passion in wanting to protect these horses and would like to assure people once again that we are doing all we can to help.”

Police closed a road at the scene and monitored a small crowd of bystanders.

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