Horses and Ponies May be Culled in South Yorkshire


Horses and Ponies May be Culled in South Yorkshire

Up to 50 horses and ponies face being culled after a Sheffield animal sanctuary announced it can’t afford to keep them.
Mill House Animal Sanctuary has been rescuing horses in since 1948 but now urgently needs to raise £30,000 before the end of July 2016.
The sanctuary has had difficulties to keep up with a ‘spate of unwanted horses,’ which sanctuary co-owner Pat Hartley says is due to the animals being bred ‘irresponsibly’ and then abandoned.

It means that about 50 animals which live at a farm in Aston, Rotherham face being culled unless suitable homes can be found for them. Pat, aged 74, runs the sanctuary with her twin sister Jane.
Pat reported: “Over the last few years there has been a glut of unwanted horses and ponies, which have been bred indiscriminately and irresponsibly, and then abandoned when the newness of owning them and the cost of their upkeep wears off.
Mill House is going to have to shut a farm where 50 of our horses and ponies are stabled.
Regrettably many of them will have to be put to sleep as we can no longer afford their demands. These animals have spent several happy years living with us and those which require medication will sadly be the first to go as we can no longer afford the medicines and expertise. We are going to try to relocate some of the ponies at our Thurlstone farm, but space and finance are sadly very limited.
In the past, we have taken in abandoned horses, but this cannot carry on. We need to raise at least £30,000 before the end of this month to buy horse feed and pay off some debts.
My husband Robert is paying for food at present, but this has taken all of our savings.”

The couple have issued an appeal for help to relocate as many of the animals as possible.
Pat added: “If anyone is able to offer a home to any of our animals, please contact me, I will be very grateful.
A back garden is sadly not acceptable, even for Shetlands
We love our animals and the decision to close the farm with the horses has not been taken lightly.
My twin and I are in our 70s and we are very concerned about what will happen when we can no longer continue with this work. We have given the animals a good quality of life – many are mature ponies which have never been stabled. I am having many sleepless nights.
It is not – and has never been – our policy to have animals put to sleep, but we simply cannot continue”

If you can help, call Pat on 07980 992 589.

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