Help the Guide Dog Charities Here

Help the Guide Dog Charities Here

Every hour another person goes blind There are currently 180,000 blind or partially sighted people in the UK who rarely leave home alone We’re training around 780 guide dogs each year, but to help meet the demand for new guide dogs we desperately need to create a third more guide dog partnerships by 2020 Half of the dogs we train are needed to replace dogs who have retired Training a guide dog costs around £34,000 and takes around 24 months The guide dog service receives no government funding and we rely solely on donations.

How far does your sponsorship money go? A long, long way! When you Sponsor a Puppy you make a donation towards every step of its training – from those first days with a puppy walker through to advanced training at guide dog school and eventually matching them with the right owner. This means you can be certain that all your donations will play a vital part in giving independence and freedom to blind and partially sighted people.


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