Hedgehogs, How to Rescue Ones in Difficulty

hedgehog rescue

Hedgehogs, How to Rescue Ones in Difficulty

Hedgehogs, Information on how to Rescue Ones in in Difficulty.

A hedgehog visible in daylight  is more than likely to be having difficulties. Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures and there are very few reasons why they would be out in full daylight, most of those reasons mean they are in trouble. Do not put the animal back under a hedge. Pick it up, follow these instructions  and call us for advice on what to do next.

Sick animals can die very quickly and the sooner we see them the better. The only exception to this rule is if you uncover a nest with babies in it.  DO NOT TOUCH.

You have just found a hedgehog out during the day……what do you do?
A hedgehog out during the day is usually a sign that it is injured, poorly or even orphaned.

Pick up using an old towel or put some gloves on to avoid getting pricked.
Put the hedgehog inside a high sided box preferably at least 18 inches high lined with newspaper
Put the towel over it to keep it warm.
Don’t give it anything to eat or drink and definitely no milk or bread until you have taken advice.
Ring a rescue centre to arrange collection, they always release hedgehogs where they were found if safe.
They receive a large number of calls from people who attempt to care for hedgehogs themselves. These little mammals are quite complex and usually require specialist care. We wouldn’t advise that you care for it yourself.

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