Healthy Cats: Give Your Cat the Food of Love They Need

healthy cats

Healthy Cats: Give Your Cat the Food of Love They Need

Healthy cats need the correct food.

Cats are known as an obligate carnivore. They need meat and fish, flesh and bone. Cats are NOT vegetarian. It cannot be stressed enough. Your cat needs meat, and feeding her anything else is almost animal cruelty.

If a cats does not get the majority of their nutrition from meat and fish they are going to suffer some serious health problems. The most crucial element is taurine, an amino acid essential to the health of your cat’s heart and eyes, and its immune system. It cannot be synthesised by the body so must be taken in through food, and the highest concentrations of taurine are found in meat and fish. Lack of taurine has been found to have major implications for cat health that it is supplemented in all cat food. Cats deficient in taurine can suffer from heart failure, irreversible blindness from retinal degeneration, fur loss and tooth decay.
Tests have shown that a human vegan will take little or no taurine into their diet, whereas a meat and fish eater can ingest many grammes per day. But simply adding a taurine supplement to a cat’s vegetarian food doesn’t always work. The cat may well not take to the supplement or do very badly on it, plus you still won’t be giving them everything they need nutritionally.

So what should I feed my cat?

There are numerous household and garden products we take for granted – but they can kill cats!!
In The Home

Lilies: are lethal to cats and will cause kidney failure. Ingesting even a small amount can be fatal in hours.
Air fresheners: Can cause skin irritation, depression and breathing difficulties in pets.
Cleaning products: Be especially careful with what you put on the floors as cats lick their paws.
Flea treatment for dogs: This is extremely important. Dog flea treatments usually contain permethrin, which could be fatal to cats.
Antifreeze: Cats love the smell, but can seriously harm them. Don’t put it in your garden pond in winter.
Potpourri and cigarette smoke: Should be avoided.

In the garden
Plants: Azaleas, oleanders and yew leaves.
Slug pellets: Use Slug Gone ( sheep wool pellets. They’re organic, smell nice, and are non-poisonous and they work.
Pesticides and weedkillers: Always check the label for pet-friendly products.
Salting paths: Salt in cold weather can cause burns to sensitive paw pads.

What healthy cats need isn’t much different to us, except for the meat intake which they must have. They don’t need added salt and sugar, added cereal content or added colours. BUT this is what a lot of supermarket cat food contains. Some people say cats should only be given dry food because it helps keep their teeth clean. NO. After one cat had  some urinary tract infections a vet recommended to feed it wet food only as cats are prone to dehydration. As for teeth, cats would be better off in the garden chewing on a meaty bone or having a seaweed supplement added to their food (assuming their not suffering with hyperthyroidism – a hormonal glandular disorder mostly found in older cats – where the iodine content should be avoided).

Healthy cats are loving cats.

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