Grooming Horses, Watch the Video For How To Do It

Grooming Horses, Watch the Video For How To Do It

Grooming a Horse Video

1. Grooming gets your hands on your horse.
A good daily groom doesn’t have to take an hour. If you do it daily, your average time expenditure should actually be minimal. But during this daily routine you have an opportunity to get your hands on every inch of your horse, and what better way to quickly assess your horse’s health?

2. Grooming acts as preventive medicine.
A good grooming session increases blood flow to the skin’s surface, massages large muscle groups, and daily hoof picking keeps the feet clean and helps prevent common hoof issues such as thrush, a bacterial disease of the sole. Horses out in the wild don’t have this luxury, but they have each other, and mutual grooming takes the place of brushes and combs.

3. Grooming increases the human-animal bond.
True, there are some horses out there that don’t like to be groomed. But the majority does tend to enjoy it and this is a great opportunity to bond with your riding companion. Engaging your horse in an activity where you are not requiring him to actually perform any work is a release from the demands we push on our riding mounts. This is your chance to give back and let your horse relax.

4. Grooming can be more than a brush in hand.
Sometimes, if you don’t have time to ride, a grooming session can substitute. Practicing some ground exercises such as lateral neck flexions or picking up hooves and doing some leg extensions are great equine yoga moves to help with flexibility and balance

5. Grooming is excellent exercise — for you.
So, this is a purely selfish reason for encouraging people to take the time to groom, but how many of you have worked up a sweat just brushing your horse?

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