Great white shark diet has big surprise for scientists

great white sharks

Great white shark diet has big surprise for scientists

Great white shark diet has surprise for scientists

The first-ever in depth study of the diets of great white sharks off the east Australian coast reveals this predator spends more time feeding around the seabed than first thought.

In the sharks’ stomachs they found remains from a variety of fish species that  live on the seafloor or buried in the sand. This indicates the sharks must spend a good lot of time foraging just above the seabed. . The study examined the stomachs of 40 juvenile white sharks  caught in the NSW Shark Meshing Program.

White sharks have a varied diet. As well as east Australian salmon, they found evidence of other bony fish including eels, whiting, wrasses and mullet. They also found that rays were also an important dietary component, including small bottom-dwelling stingrays and electric rays.  Eagle rays are also hunted, although this can be difficult for the sharks given how fast the rays can swim.


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